April Update

Just making a post to let everyone know I’m not dead! Posted the Flairtender St. Patrick’s Day update last month and am continuing to work on some new and exciting things. Unfortunately I cannot discuss everything at this time but will let the world know as soon as things are set in stone!


– Rob

2017 Review and 2018 Roadmap

Hello, I’m still alive! Happy 2018, I had a great holiday season and new year. I don’t have anything pressingly new to share but I wanted to write my plan for the coming year. A few days from now marks my 1 year anniversary into game development! It’s been a fantastic first year for me and I look forward to what the next year brings.

As for Flairtender, I will probably have a few smaller updates throughout the year, but in general I will be ramping down development. I’ve spent a good year on Flairtender and learned a lot, but it’s time to move on to a new project. Speaking of new projects, I have a few ideas floating around, and will be ready to announce what I decide once I make progress I’m willing to show off. I’d also like to do a game jam, or some other “quick” projects just to get my brain churning a bit.

Right now, GoalkeepVr and Flairtender are available in many arcades throughout the US and world which has been great to see. I am partnered with Ctrl-V (Canada), VR Junkies (multiple locations), as well as two VR Arcade platforms: SynthesisVR and SpringboardVR. These platforms allow arcades to easily pay prices per minute for a variety of games, and help manage time for players.

Part of my time is also being spent working on a few contract projects through Filament Games, so once they get closer to completion I’ll update my “Other Projects” section to reflect that. I’m working on better balancing contract work and my own personal projects.

Cheers, and happy gaming.

– Rob


Flairtender 1.02 – Wine, Champagne, Bottled Beers

– New bottles to purchase. Wine / Champagne / Bottled Drinks
– Wine glasses and champagne glasses to go with these
– Ability to open cooler doors. Certain items will be spawned in coolers
– Bottle cap opener to open bottles of Light Beer, Root Beer, and Ginger Beer
– Updated pint glass shape
– Added two new beer taps featuring New Belgium brews! Voodoo Ranger and Fat Tire
– Added item labels when hovering (turn this off in the settings.)
– Should be easier to choose garnishes correctly
– Moved ginger beer to a bottle, added water in its place on the soda gun
– Added a chalkboard behind the player to show how many drinks have been unlocked
– Bug fixes: Liquid artifacts in shaker, buying items after tutorial, other misc.

Happy Holidays!

Flairtender V1.0 was released earlier this month, we’re out of Early Access! Two weeks later and I have added support for custom .mp3 playlists, along with some festive decor for the main bar. There is more to come, and thank you everyone who purchased in EA for your support!

Flairtender 0.18 adds Patrons

See the update here. Been working hard on getting actual customers in game and I think it elevates Flairtender to a new level. Just finished setting trading cards and other community aspects for approval. Also, stay tuned for some more exciting news in the upcoming weeks!

Flairtender Update 0.16

Bunch of improvements in this update:

– Can toggle metric units (cL) on and off
– A shaker has been added, some drinks need to be shaken
– Improved UI
– Ice tongs have been added
– Drinks can now spill / pour into other glasses and the counter
– Drinks no longer fill up when upside down or sideways
– Minor improvements to art / decor of both bars
– Fixed a few bugs with custom drinks
– Recipe card now shows glass and method of creation
– Drinking sound when drinking drinks
– Fishbowl garnishes now work correctly
– Low grav mode added… just for fun

Atomic VR

Just wanted to share a project I have been working on over the last few months for the company I used to work with (CAMECA Instruments, Inc.) called Atomic VR. This is not a game, but a program developed in Unity that allows the user to load any CAMECA data set, and manipulate it within virtual reality. The user can rotate and scale data, turn ions on / off, change the color and opacity of ions and surfaces, load new tips, and walk around data within VR. There is also an asymmetric component that allows a user on the PC point and direct the VR user, with many similar controls mirrored to the screen.