Flairtender 1.02 – Wine, Champagne, Bottled Beers

– New bottles to purchase. Wine / Champagne / Bottled Drinks
– Wine glasses and champagne glasses to go with these
– Ability to open cooler doors. Certain items will be spawned in coolers
– Bottle cap opener to open bottles of Light Beer, Root Beer, and Ginger Beer
– Updated pint glass shape
– Added two new beer taps featuring New Belgium brews! Voodoo Ranger and Fat Tire
– Added item labels when hovering (turn this off in the settings.)
– Should be easier to choose garnishes correctly
– Moved ginger beer to a bottle, added water in its place on the soda gun
– Added a chalkboard behind the player to show how many drinks have been unlocked
– Bug fixes: Liquid artifacts in shaker, buying items after tutorial, other misc.

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